What is aesthetic medicine and what are the most popular treatments?

Czym jest medycyna estetyczna i jakie są najpopularniejsze zabiegi?

What is aesthetic medicine and what are the most popular treatments? The interest in non-surgical methods of improving beauty is constantly growing. In response to the needs related to solving problems of aesthetic and health nature, aesthetic medicine was created .

It is an extensive field related to the broadly understood beauty and health, offering minimally invasive treatments aimed at correcting imperfections, taking care of the patient’s well-being, improving the comfort of his life and enhancing beauty. A wide range of procedures allows, among other things, to improve the condition of the skin, model the body, correct moles and fight the emerging signs of aging.

What does aesthetic medicine do?

In order to introduce the definition of aesthetic medicine, we can define it as a department dealing with minimally invasive methods of improving beauty, which can be placed between cosmetology and plastic surgery. Pursuant to the law, treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine may be performed by doctors authorized to practice. In addition, these people should have extensive knowledge in the field of dermatology, anatomy and the impact of certain substances and cosmetic ingredients on the human body.

Aesthetic medicine offers a wide range of treatments including both those performed on the face and those applied on the whole body. Its use may be dictated not only by the desire to improve beauty, but may also have a preventive dimension. As an example of preventive action in the field of aesthetic medicine, we can mention e.g. removal of moles.

Aesthetic medicine treatments applied to the face

Facial treatments are primarily aimed at improving skin tension and hydration. They mainly focus on fighting the signs of aging or delay their onset. Aesthetic medicine it is especially useful for people who struggle with the problem of flaccid skin, want to reduce the visibility of mimic wrinkles or discoloration and scars. In addition, certain treatments can help to improve the irregular oval of the face or asymmetrical lips. One of the most popular treatments involving the correction of the face shape and skin nourishment is the so-called vampire facelift. It involves injecting the face with platelet-rich plasma, which is obtained from blood collected earlier from the patient. Another noteworthy procedure is the smoothing of furrows with stem cells or fat from other parts of the body.

Aesthetic medicine also suggests treatments using electromagnetic or light waves. Thanks to the IPL (Intensive Pulse Light) technology, it is possible to permanently get rid of small wrinkles, discoloration and hair. The popular treatments also include the removal of acne scars, the reduction of dark circles under the eyes, and Botox and hyaluronic acid used to reduce wrinkles. In addition, hair transplantation and permanent make-up treatments are gaining popularity. It is also impossible not to mention the possibility of modeling the lips or cheeks using hyaluronic acid.

Body shaping and cellulite reduction

All body treatments that are designed to shape the body, firm the skin and help in the fight against imperfections, e.g. cellulite that are difficult to get rid of, are also very popular. Aesthetic medicine in this area as wellit comes with help, for example, in the form of procedures using radio waves, sound waves and infrared radiation.

The above-mentioned electromagnetic waves help to reduce subcutaneous fat that is resistant to other methods. We are talking about the so-called thermolifting, which can be a godsend for people fighting cellulite. Cold treatments, such as cryolipolysis, may also be helpful in this fight. In addition, thanks to modern technologies, we can firm the bust and get the push-up effect without the need to use a scalpel. Thanks to innovative devices, we will obtain the effect of lifting and better skin tension. For this purpose, you can also take advantage of treatments using radio waves, carboxytherapy or needle mesotherapy.

Laser treatments

Aesthetic medicine treatments also help those who struggle with the problem of stretch marks, varicose veins or moles. We can also permanently remove unwanted hair with a laser. Using different types of lasers has already become a popular practice. Their use is relatively minimally invasive, safe and, above all, very effective. Thanks to the laser, we can also get rid of a tattoo that is bored with us or has been made unsightly. The laser will also work when you want to remove permanent makeup. What’s more, it will help close broken capillaries, remove spider veins and whiten your teeth. The effect of the laser will also be appreciated by people undergoing skin firming treatments. It may be encouraging that the effects are visible immediately after its execution. It can be used on the whole body, face, neck, cleavage and even on the hands.In addition to the lifting effect, the skin becomes radiant and better moisturized.